Aircraft & Operational Info

Please note that these documents are for training purposes only and may NOT be up to date!

Documents for the fibreglass two seat H36 Hoffman Dimona Motor Glider:

Dimona H36 Flight Manual (Microsoft word format)

Dimona H36 Maintenance and Service Manual (Microsoft word format)

Dimona H36 Motor Glider 3000 hour inspection schedule. (PDF file)

Operational and Training Documents

The following is the syllabus outline for the GFA Glider Pilot Certificate, an internationally recognised accreditation.  Your introductory flight will cover several of the first areas listed and ongoing training will cover all of these aspects although not necessarily in this order.

1. Lookout Awareness. 2.Ground Handling. 3. Orientation, Sailplane Stability. 4.Pre-take off checks. 5.Primary Effects, Further Effects of Bank.   6. Aileron Drag, Rudder Coordination. 7. Sustained Turns, All Controls. 8.Look out procedures. 9.Straight Flight, various speeds, Trim. 10. Pre Landing Checks. 11. Slow Flight, Stalling. 12. Launch and Release. 13. Radio and FLARM use. 14. Take off. 15. Circuit Joining and Planning. 16.Thermal Entry. 17. Thermal Joining techniques. 18. Soaring with other gliders. 19. Approach and Landing. 20. Spinning. 21. Cross Wind takeoff and landing. 22. Launch Emergencies. 23. Flying with other gliders and aircraft. 24. Rules of the Air. 25. First Solo. 26. Side Slipping. 27. Steep turns. 28. Thermal sources and selection. 29. Outlanding. 30. Flight preparation. 31. Soaring instruments and flight computers. 32.Meteorology and flight planning.   33. Navigation and Airspace. 34. Cruising, speed to fly and height bands. 35. Demonstrated Cross Country capability. 36. C-Certificate. 37. Daily Inspector Certificate. 38. Independent Operator Level 1. 39. Glider pilot Certificate.

Early post solo gliding achievements are known as the ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificates. Their respective requirements and privileges can be found  in the above document, the GFA MOSP,  on Pages 20 and 21.

Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) Documents

Gliding Federation Membership Application



Limbach L2000 operating and maintenance manual

Limbach L2400 operating and maintenance manual


Rotax 912 operations manual

Fuel Information and Data Sheets:

Have a listen to this recording of detonation which resulted from 6 week old stale unleaded fuel. It is the “rattling” sound behind the main engine noise.

Australian unleaded fuel often contains significant quantities of light volatile aromatics which raise the RON rating but evaporate and the RON rating goes down quickly, sometimes in just a matter of weeks. This can lead to engine detonation. Read the following data sheets carefully. Avoid unleaded fuel that is more than a week or two old. If you have old fuel in your tank, drain it out and use it in your lawnmower.

BP Ultimate 98 RON Data Sheet

Shell premium 98 data sheet